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3ft. and 5ft. Marquee Light Up Letters and Numbers

  • This Large 5ft. Custom Marquee Light Up Letter can be used for graduation, birthday, or prom decor. The letter is handmade from a durable wooden material that is waterproof and weather resistant, it can get rained or snowed on, which is great for outdoor use. We currently offer 2 sizes the 3ft. and 5ft. marquee. Other style fonts and sizes is available per request. The 3ft. basic font (letter) and number is $30 to rent per character and $250 to purchase, the upgraded 3ft. letter is $50 to rent per character and $375 to purchase. The font advertised is our 5ft. Times New Roman font which is priced higher than the basic font; its $80 to rent per character and $650 to purchase. The 5ft. basic font (letter) and number is $50 to rent per character and $400 to purchase. The color is a basic white but you can get creative and choose a different color for the exterior or interior, inquire for the pricing details. The marquee letter advertised is battery-operated. An electrical option is available with standard US plugs to be plugged into an outlet. The structure is made with an open back. When people take pictures of the sign, they will not see the back side. 

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